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Limelight: Leo Chiodaroli

Sep 29, 2016 5:31:07 PMShanghai


By Sebastian David


It’s hard to pinpoint the ever-elusive Leo Chiodaroli; he’s the kind of DJ who could be playing anywhere at any time. Always active and always on the move, we caught up with Leo C for a summer follow-up interview with 1AMJOY.



Last time we interviewed you in March you were looking forward to a very active summer; how did that work out?

Actually turned out to be pretty chilling in Spain, I had some gigs but I dedicated more time working on my unfinished tracks that I plan to delivery to some labels during ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) in October.



How’s life for you now that you’re not based in Shanghai?

I still can’t see me out of Shanghai, really hard to leave this city and I’ve been in constant contact with agents and clubs here so seems that I didn’t leave at all. This time I got a one-way ticket back to Spain, but I still have chance to be back for some shows before next year.


How was the Storm Festival in Chengdu?

Storm was great! Was the first edition in Chengdu and the crowd was definitely excited despite the heat and sun in the early afternoon, at night was insane; I’ve been to Chengdu a lot of times, but those two days were really memorable!

Leo C tracks Storm festival Chengdu



You’re briefly in Shanghai at the moment; where are you playing?

My focus for this month back here was to join IMS and perform at Storm Shanghai and finally bring my dog back with me to new his home; but also had gigs in Suzhou, Hefei and in Shanghai at Reel to Reel, S2, Sky, Kee Club and Modu doing back to back with Aaron Key.


Where are you headed after Shanghai this fall?

Gonna stay in Marbella making some music, also playing at ADE in October, have something coming for London and Milan for a while.



When will you be back to Shanghai?

Probably in December, but could be earlier.


In March you mentioned the departure from deep house and mash-up over the years and shift towards EDM for most clubs; 6 months later do you feel EDM is still as “hot” or is something new coming?

Definitely trap is getting more attention.



Do you think this year’s Storm Festival will beat 2015’s?

For sure! Storm is getting bigger and bigger each year. This year has 5 editions and it’s been sold out in the other cities. This year Shanghai is back with 3 stages and the lineup is insane, gonna be huge!



Where can one listen to your tracks and playlists?

On Pyro music


Leo, thanks for your time and all the best!

Thank you!

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