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Limelight: Daniel Molina

Oct 6, 2016 7:14:55 PMShanghai


By Sebastian David


After a summer in Madrid, Spain, regular contributor to 1AMJOY.COM and up and coming DJ Daniel Molina, is back in town to spin the decks and plan his course for big things to come in December…



You were mostly in Madrid during the summer; did you get to DJ or attend other events?

I work with a record label in Madrid called Monkey Hands, the guy who owns it is a good friend of mine. Monkey Hands was previously more into pop, rock and Latin music, but is now getting more involved in electronic music, for instance he was preparing a lot of sets for DJs like techno DJ Matador. He arranged two events for me in Madrid.



Describe the events.

They take place in La Finca. It’s a place where many football stars and other celebrities live. The parties take place in big villas and host up to 400 people.


Did you see any stars or celebrities there?

I don’t know, because the way it works is it’s very private so you don’t know who is throwing the party and who is supposed to attend. These are late evening parties (still sunlight in Spain), the crowd is 35+ and very well dressed. I played my set, had a couple of drinks, and left.


Did any of the guests ask you what China’s like?

Yes! All the time! Their perception of China is very different to reality. They don’t know Shanghai has the clubs it has whereas, in my opinion, now the venues are not so different. The difference is that in Spain people go to dance and if they want to sit at a table they’ll book a private room, they won’t book a table close to the dancefloor or DJ; in Spain you pay not to be seen whereas in China you’re mostly paying to be seen.



Were you the only DJ or part of a DJ line-up?

I was the only DJ, I played for two hours then they had live-music bands.


Did you produce any music in Spain over the summer?

Yes, I’ve been working with Monkey Hands on a couple of funky groove house tracks with sounds of Latin America to be released in December. My plan is to create tracks to play in big clubs in Madrid. So from now till December I’ll be very busy DJing and producing.


In Shanghai where have you been DJ’ing lately?

The last clubs I played at are Luce, S2 and Lola. Also at MEKA lounge, it’s a private venue place which is getting very popular.



How has the electronic music landscape changed in the last year?

EDM is getting wider; it’s encompassing elements of future house and trap.


Many big DJs are coming to Shanghai in October. Which one are you particularly excited about?

Marshmello and Skrillex – gotta see that, but mostly Oliver Heldens.



What’s the most important aspect of being a DJ for you?

The same reason all big DJs DJ. To be connected with the crowd, to feel the energy of the crowd; to be with them and elevate yourself. Fatboy Slim is such an example; he plays and looks at people in the crowd in the eyes. At one point during his latest gig at MYST late in the night he was playing minimal music and I was really into it. I was up close to the front and he looked at me as if to say “you get it!” because not everyone understands minimal music.


Where can someone listen to your tracks?

You can check out my playlist on mixcloud.



Daniel Molina will play at 1AMJOY.COM’s event “Waves” Friday Oct 21st at Lola Club.

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