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Gig Review: NOMADS presents DIXON@QSW Culture Center Nov 4

Nov 9, 2016 5:07:20 PMShanghai


 By Daniel Molina



Once upon a time there was a party that was so good that everyone was going to remember it. That story was this past Friday! What a blast! From the beginning of time music is an art expression, so we can say that Dixon is the same as art. One of the most important DJs in the world and we had the chance to be in front of him!



We arrived early and you could already feel the good vibes people brought with them. Vibrating baselines surrounding every corner of the QSW Culture Center. First Jasmine Li and then Mansun on the turntables. Sweet and deep mixing, smooth like a cloud but powerful as a river. Keeping the flow to amazing sounds and making the people dance from the very beginning. The stage is big and the led screen illuminates all our happy faces bouncing to the beats of Mansun. Was it a warm up for Dixon? If that was so, OMG what was about to come next?



The sound increased, the melody reverbed everywhere beating inside every soul. Dixon has just stepped forward to the stage, he is here to become the music director. Rapidly connecting with the crowd he freed the music demon that is inside him and made us go all out with his unique tracks. What a level of mixing and what incredible melodies! Experience and knowledge, those are things that are in his hands, but the most important is “talent”.

Everyone was facing the stage, hearing the pumping sounds of his tracks like “Guy Gerber & Dixon - No Distance”.

Moving the crowd progressively to the top and making us stay there. We can just say “world class” INCREDIBLE PARTY! He finished at the best high-level possible to assure that we will remember every single beat.



If we have to talk about the other DJs such as Jasmine Li, Emil Chang or Ghost we have to say the words INSANE AND QUALITY. All of them played very well with tracks that made us keep going to the end of the night.



That’s why we have to say that this incredible combo of DJs and party brought to us last weekend by NOMADS and 1AMJOY.COM - a party that we all are going to remember! Hope there are more events like this one because if that’s so, we will be in all of them!

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