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Star Sightings: Andre Hommen@LOLA 2016.11.11

Nov 18, 2016 4:06:26 PMShanghai

By Sebastian David

Photos courtesy of LOLA Club Shanghai



30 plus levels above the ground, we had the opportunity to share and take in Shanghai’s daytime Pudong skyline with the ultra-chilled Andre Hommen and Lola’s crew, just hours before he was scheduled to perform underground by night. This is what he had to share with 1AMJOY.COM:



When did you realize House music is your home?

I actually realized that pretty early because…actually it’s not just House music, it was electronic music in general. When I was 12 or 13 I discovered electronic music and I went in the House music direction, but also Downtempo, Techno, whatever.




Your recent EP "Battery Park" was very successful. What do you attribute its success to compared to your previous work?

Battery Park was just another track basically; I was really surprised about the success because obviously you have one or you don’t…it just happens, there is no guarantee you’ll have a successful track. So yeah, I’m really lucky about this.



Describe what Objektivity means to you in one sentence.

Objektivity is my “roof”, Objektivity is my home.


When remixing a track do you approach each track differently or do you have a standard process?

No, I don’t have a standard process; not for remixes, not for originals. When I get a remix request, it’s normally something with vocals, or I prefer it to be something with vocals because I don’t use much of the instrumental (part).



What makes the difference between a very good DJ and a world class DJ?

A world-class DJ is obviously a very good DJ, but if you want to be a world-class DJ you’ve got to be a world-class traveller, like be in four countries in four days.




Describe your dream gig.

I actually like intimate places, but I also like festivals. There’s not really a dream gig, it just happens.



Lola is considered the go-to club in Shanghai for House music. What are your feelings playing at Lola tonight?

Well I actually heard a lot about Lola, so I’m excited and let’s see how it goes! I hope people will enjoy.



Andre, thank you very much!

Thank you!

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