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Star Sightings: Solomun

Nov 22, 2016 4:42:46 PMShanghai


By Sebastian David

Photos courtesy of Fusion


One of the biggest names in the world – “the best”- according to many, Solomun was at Fusion, Shanghai this past Friday night…the club couldn’t possibly fit any more enthusiastic fans eager to see the German spin the decks like only he knows how to. Ever friendly and super cool, Solomun granted 1AMJOY.COM a few minutes of his time for this interview.




Your Ibiza success took off in 2013 with your “Solomun+1” residency at Pacha; what made that most successful night in Ibiza at the time?


Maybe it was the right time. Sometimes in life it’s about the timing. It was maybe the right timing for me; because of the concept also, and I had had a good year. It’s always a little bit risky to start a new party but we believed in it and it really worked out.



Is there a standard process you use to plan mixing tracks?

First of all, again here timing is important. I travel a lot, especially Ibiza; I don’t have much time, so the best time is always at the beginning of the year until around March. I try to collect all the material in advance and of course it depends on whether I like the artist and the tracks. If it has a vocal theme, I might pause for 24-48hrs to see if it touches me and if I have a connection with it, and then I’ll say “yes” to remixing it.



Your remix of Whilk & Misky’s “Clap Your Hands”: what images does that bring to mind?

This was also a summer feeling. I was sent the track, I was listening to the vocals and it was sort of like Caribbean, easy mood feeling, and it’s something I tried to “transport” into this remix. It was a lot of fun to do it.



10 years of Diynamic; could you foresee the label’s success when you started it?

It’s like…it’s crazy where we are right now at the moment. I think we’re like every other artist in the past or now; we just want to release our own music, our own platform and hope there are people out there who like our music. But we never expected we’d be where we are not after 10 years.



How physically and mentally demanding is a summer in Ibiza for a DJ like you and how do you prepare for, and recover from that?

I just can tell you that some of my artists, who play with me at my night at +1, they made some jokes, they said “after this night I want to kill myself”, because it’s just too tense. Of course it’s very tense, because I always try to give everything. The party is good so it gives energy, and of course the sun in Ibiza. The beach helps you refresh physically and mentally. The same thing in another city, I would definitely die.



You’ve spoken about the importance of emotions in people; do you feel that Deep House has a special way of connecting to and expressing emotions in contrast to other types of electronic music?

I like both sides, both House and Techno. For me they’re like brother and sister, so they fit together. It’s all about the small melodies you try to transport. Little “moments” I try to “catch”.



A message for your fans at Fusion, Shanghai tonight?

I’m very excited to be here for the first time, and I just hope you like what I’m doing, and we have a lot of fun tonight.



Thank you very much!

Thank you!


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