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Gig Review: Solomun@Fusion 2016.11.18

Nov 22, 2016 6:11:27 PMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


Photos courtesy of Fusion

For some DJs in this world we have to see them to believe just how good they are. For others you just need to hear their names to know what level they’re at. So, what comes to mind when I say the name “Solomun”? Yeah, that’s right! One of the most incredible House Music DJs in the world.




For this type of music we look for two things, incredible bass lines with unique leads. On the other hand, in DJs we look for another two things, perfect mixing and knowledge. Well as we all expected, Solomun brought both of those things to the dance floor. But not only with an amazing sense of music, he also balanced the beats with unique rhythms and an overall outstanding performance.




The warm up was very good, just a preparation to get everyone ready for the big boss. The club was crowded, not even one space open for another soul. The beats were getting slower to allow for Solomun to make his appearance on the stage. When he step onto the stage people were just recording and waiting for those mighty hands of his to touch the turntables and do what they do best, play. He started with slower beat bases with lots of vocals. For 40 minutes he reached the sky and all the people there followed him in sync. Beat by beat he pushed the speed with more intensified sounds, amazing leads that make you dream; he is that good.



His sounds remind us of those incredible tracks from the 90’s where the bass was not too high and with many clap sounds which are perfect for dancing. The melodies were so enjoyable that we wanted him to just keep playing the same track all night, but then he’d change to another, and then you’d want more of the next. His mixing abilities are so perfect that he could dance along with us while enjoying his own performance with no problem at all. Solomun is a hero to many and now we can say that he’s become a hero of ours, too. We want to keep seeing world class DJs like him and that they keep coming back for a second round of such elevated experiences.


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