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City Scanner: Nervo@Fusion 2016.12.10

Nov 24, 2016 6:06:31 PMShanghai


By George Kowalski

Wow! We’re on course to seeing NERVO in Shanghai! Olivia and Miriam Nervo are playing at Fusion on December 10th!



So, for those of you who don’t know, exactly who are these beauty-glam twins? For starters, they’re no product of marketing. Yes, their looks are definitely an asset but take into consideration that they had careers in modeling but wanted to focus on music all along.



NERVO has been producing music since at least the mid-00s when the signed for Sony/ATV Music. The duo wrote the song "Negotiate with Love” for British pop singer, Rachel Stevens, outlining their success to come.



Their big break came in 2010 when NERVO signed a worldwide recording deal with Virgin Records/EMI Music. Following this, NERVO released the single "This Kind of Love” which went to No1 one on the world club charts. Since then it’s only been one success after another for the Australian twins.

Fusion, what you going to do to fit in the masses of people who’ll come for NERVO? This is going to be huge…



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