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City Scanner: Borgore@M2 2016.12.09

Nov 29, 2016 2:26:10 PMShanghai


By Carlos Guzmán


The time for Trap Music is here! Borgore is coming to town and there could not be a better place than M2 to get crazy and make a Unicorn Zombie Apocalypse!



Borgore is not a stranger to big scenarios from TomorrowWorld to collaborations with SIKDOPE, DJ Carnage and even the controversial Miley Cyrus, this brilliant producer and musical prodigy is ready to bring his very best to Shanghai.



The Israeli producer has quite a diverse musical career: he owns record company “Buygore Records, he’s the drummer and guitarist of a death metal band called “Shabira”, he’s part of a dubstep duo project called Alphamale Primates, and even defines his own music style as “gorestep”.



Borgore is a producer with no fear of speaking his mind and creating new concepts for music. So get ready Shanghai! The authentic gorestep is coming to M2 and it is going to be a night you’ll regret you miss if you do!

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