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Star Sightings: NERVO @ FUSION 2016.12.10

Dec 13, 2016 4:35:19 PMShanghai


By Sebastian David


Photos courtesy of Fusion


After arriving at Fusion Club, just before going on stage to an eager crowd, twin sisters Mim and Liz. a.k.a. NERVO, spread their positivity and genuine enthusiasm to everyone around them, taking selfies with staff and dancers and enjoying a pre-gig drink. They granted 1AMJOY.COM this exclusive interview.



Co-writing “When Love Takes Over” with David Guetta in 2009, was that a defining moment in your musical career taking off?

Mim: Yes! I think us writing “When Love Takes Over” was the tipping point in our career, we were struggling as writers, musicians for many many years, waitressing our way through London, so this is what made us stop waitressing and focus on music full-time.



Kylie Minogue being one of the biggest stars to come out of Australia; as toddlers and teens, did you dream of being like her and could you at that time, imagine you’d collaborate, as you did for “The Other Boys”?

Mim: We’ve worked with Kylie quite a few times now, on her album, on our album, and I think the first time we met her it was fine, “normal”…

Liv: It wasn’t “normal”!

Mim: The first time we recorded her it was crazy!

How did you meet her?

Mim: We met her at a recording session, so we met her and then 20 minutes later she was recording a song that we had written…and then oh my God, when we heard her voice singing the song we had written, we heard that voice we’d grown up with, it was hard to believe it was happening.

Liv: Also her voice is very unique, no one sounds like her.

Mim: Now we know her better, and you know it’s still a trip-out because she’s such an idol!

Liv: She’s also such a lovely person, such a normal person, such a real person.



What’s it like working with Nile Rogers?

Mim: We love him! Another legend…He’s very…you know what? Working with him was “easy”; we met, we had dinner, next thing you know he’s bouncing us ideas, we bounced him some ideas, and we’ve worked on quite a few records together already.

Liv: Something we learned about Niles is he’s a “yes man”. He’s so positive, everything is “yes it’s possible”, and I think that’s a big secret to his success.

Mim: (for “The Other Boys”) he went away and four days later he sends us these files…



You recently released “Forever or Nothing” which has a distinct sound to it, can you tell us a bit about it?

Mim: It sounds like “now”, I think it’s typical for us in that it’s girly and uplifting.



Fashion is important to you; do you spend time planning your style or does it just happen naturally?

Liv: We love fashion, we love getting dressed up.

Mim: We love going shopping and a good excuse is we have to wear wonderful clothes for our gigs. It doesn’t take us very long.

Liv: To be perfectly honest… (Liv asks Mim) How long do you think it takes us to dress up?

Mim: Sometimes we have half an hour to get ready – hair, make-up, everything.



How does it feel to go out and put a show on for your fans at Fusion Shanghai tonight?

Mim: it was funny driving here, ‘cause we saw they’ve got our poster on poles, which is crazy-amazing, and we’ve already felt the energy from walking in! We love Shanghai, we came here two years ago with our mother, and we have some good friends here.

Liv: and this year we came with our brother!

Mim: it’s a great city!

Thank you very much,!

Mim & Liv: Thank you! Xie Xie!

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