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Star Sightings: Dillon Francis @ Linx Royal Members Club

Dec 21, 2016 3:31:20 PMShanghai


By Sebastian David

Photos courtesy of Linx Royal Members Club

Outspoken, original, entertaining, a pioneer of his kind and constantly pushing music boundaries with seeming ease and much humour, that’s Dillon Francis: the former Metal and Punk aficionado – turned EDM rising star, Moombahton ambassador, and overall celebrity. Dillon Francis granted 1AMJOY.COM some of his time for this exclusive interview, minutes prior to going on-stage at Linx Royal Members Club Shanghai, last Saturday night.



Your music is very diverse; what were your early influences, what inspires you now, and which direction do you see your music heading in?

My early influences, the way I got into the (electronic) music, was listening “Ill to Destroy” by the Bloody Beetroots when a friend of mine played it for me; that was kind of like the first song that got me into electronic dance music, ‘cause I used to listen to Metal and Punk stuff, the Blood Brothers used to be one of my favourite punk shows.



 Things were like kind of at a standstill (in Metal and Punk), nothing new was coming out and when I heard the Bloody Beetroots I thought “this kinda reminds me of Metal Music.” In terms of direction, I want to create different unique stuff, more towards the Moombahton stuff.



You’re widely credited as being one of the forces behind Moombahton. What makes the genre special and do you see it growing or remaining a niche?

I feel like Moombahton is really big right now, like “Lean On” is pretty much a Moombahton song, “Let me Love You” is pretty much a Moombahton song, but they’re not really being recognized as that, so it’s not really doing anything for the genre. I love it, finding about Munchi making it, I just love it, it’s one of my favourite genres.



Your track “Get Low” with DJ Snake was a massive success worldwide. What’s it like when two very creatively diverse producers as yourselves get together to create a track?

It was really funny, he sent me a demo of the song online, and I started working on it and I think I was working on a bunch of my stuff for my album and I thought I could use that for my album. We had some weird vocal on the drop, at first I think it was James Brown saying “clap your hands”, and it’s really bad, some people saw how that demo (was). I was in France with him, and that’s when we decided to finish the record. Originally I wanted to make it a whistle song, so that’s how I got the “get low” tagline on it; that’s actually my vocals on the song.



It’s commonly stated that publicists don’t like it when you speak your mind. In your opinion is that because speaking one’s mind is bad for publicity or bad for the publicists?

I don’t know what publicists do. I’ve never had a good one; the one for my label’s good. I feel like publicists are like smoke and mirrors. I don’t know what they really do. I’ve never seen one that made me say “wow, that’s really good.” I think my managers are better at bringing me opportunities.



“Money Sucks, Friends Rule” has become a catchphrase in popular culture, were you expecting that to happen?

Yeah! I really just like the saying, I made the saying up ‘cause I just wanted to make it into a t-shirt originally, and I just had like some  sh*tty run in with one of my friends, that was never one of my friends, he was a piece of sh*t, I won’t name names but he was like trying to become my friend like “hey man, I miss hanging out with you”, and we never f*cking hung out before, like “man, what are you talking about?”. When you gain success, people come out of the woodwork with “I really miss us hanging out”, so that why I created the “Money Sucks, Friends Rule”.



Is the music industry taking itself too seriously?

I don’t! But sometimes I think it does.



How does it feel to be playing at Linx Royal Members Club in Shanghai, tonight?

Feels great, I’m kinda tired, but I’m going to have a whole coconut water, get rehydrated, shake out and everything, and have fun.



Thanks, and all the best!

Thank you, appreciate it.


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