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Interview Special: GLAMOUR IN THE AIR // NYE Party at The Peninsula // Dec 31st

Dec 28, 2016 1:11:55 PMShanghai


4 days left until “Concorde – Glamour in the Air” themed NYE party at Sir Elly’s Restaurant at The Peninsula, and we caught up with the entertainers in charge of entertainment on board the Concorde flying is into 2017.



To get into 70s mood ahead of the event, we asked them the following questions:  

If you could travel back in time to the 70s, what kind of party would you like to attend or DJ / MC at?

Javi Kalero



As a DJ for sure, to play at Paradise Garage; Larry Levan’s DJ residence.



Sophia Haze



I absolutely love the 70's. My alter ego is definitely Pam Grier. I'd want to be boogieing in the middle of the dance floor of the legendary Paradise Garage with a bright disco ball beaming in my face, listening to Larry Levan DJ. Everything on West End is a gem.



MC John Shanghai



If I could go back in time I'd love to attend the "Kool & Gang concert private party"...



What’s your favourite song from the 70’s?

Javi Kalero



Another Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd). It's also one of my favourites bands due the experimental music and the meaning inside their songs especially in this track talking about education.

Sophia Haze



Although it came out in 1980, my favourite is Loose Joints -"All Over My Face". It might be such a classically cliché choice, but it's absolutely timeless and never fails to move the dance floor!

MC John Shanghai



My favourite performer during the 70’s was Marvin Gay (for the same reasons I love Otis Redding), most of the people know him as "love songs" singer but he was also an amazing entertainer/performer, full of energy and also classy. You just have to watch the live concert on the net, R&B, groovy, etc...He was great!!! He still inspires me.



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