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Star Sightings: VINAI @ FUSION

Jan 19, 2017 11:57:23 PMShanghai

By Roger Brown

Photos courtesy of Fusion

Back in Shanghai, VINAI put on another great show, with their growing China fan base attending and going wild!

We caught up with Andrea and Alessandro before going on stage at Fusion on Friday Jan 6th.



Usually, after having an established career, duos, or groups might go on a solo career. In your case you went the opposite direction: you both had solo careers and decided to make a duo. Why was that?

Andrea: ‘Cause we’re brothers, and we were in the same house, sharing one bedroom, one desk, one pc, so one day we said “why don’t we just do this together?”, so you could say the circumstances made it happen!




Italy produced some of the original sounds in electronic music, especially with Italo-disco pioneering drum machines and synthesizers. Do you think Italy can return to the centre stage in terms of Electronic Music artists?

Alessandro: Italian producers still have very signature sounds with Off beat base, but music follows trends, so maybe one year it’s the Off beat base year, the other year it’s something else, you never know.



You've stated that you want more pop in your music. What is it about pop you like the most, and how do you use it differently in your tracks?

Alessandro: Yes, that is true, we want people to be able to listen to our tracks in any kind of situation, at the gym, in the car….and that’s what pop is for us, pop means “everything and everywhere”, but probably for that you need to find good vocals. 



2017: will you focus more on producing or remixing?

Andrea: Producing! 100%! 



2016 was a year many artists started to incorporate other elements into EDM. The genre started to diversify. What do you predict for 2017?

Andrea: The question is, where does a producer want to go? It’s important to choose where you want your tracks to be played. I think it’s possible 2017 will be the year we see the changes starting to take effect in 2016, being completed. I mean 140 BPM.



A message for your fans at FUSION tonight?

Andrea: It’s always great to be here; fans in China are starting to recognize our music. This had already happened a few years ago, but not in this massive way.

Guys, thank you very much!

(both):Thank you!

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