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Star Sightings: Timmy Trumpet

Feb 28, 2017 6:46:42 PMShanghai

By Roger Brown


Saturday night and Timmy Trumpet was in town for his first gig in China at Club MYST. Full of energy and ready to make it a gig to remember, the Australian trumpeter-DJ granted 1AMJOY.COM a bit of his time before heading onto the stage at MYST. 


When did you realize you could blend Jazz with EDM and in which track of yours was that demonstrated best in your opinion? 


I’ve been playing jazz, classical, b-pop since I was four or five years old; my dad was a trumpeter, and I was trying to kind of infuse it into everything I do. I probably first starting jamming by improvising to the radio. I don’t know if you can call the radio EDM, but I kind of got into the House scene. When the beach house hed kandi beat sort of came along. I guess that’s when I started trialling out a new sound with the traditional trumpet. I would have been 18-19 years old, and I was sort of addicted to it instantly. If there was one track that summarizes and epitomizes that, it would probably be “Toca with Carnage (feat. Timmy Trumpet) & KSHMR”,


it’s got a bit of classical trumpet in it. It’s got a classical piece I use to play,  Johann Sebastian Bach’s “Toccata”. 




You’ve supported Carl Cox, Armin van Buuren and Fatboy Slim; were you star struck in their presence or is the music always “bigger” than any one artist?


The music is always “bigger”, there are moments you get star struck; maybe that’s not the word, it’s more like “I’m interested”; I like to surround myself with mentors, people I look up to and learn from. Those three people you mentioned, and many others I’m always meeting. 



In 2011 you supported Stevie Wonder in Australia. How did that come about? Was that something you pursued? What was that experience like?


It was actually a surprise! I walked in that night into a changing room, and no sh*t, Stevie Wonder and Leonardo Di Caprio were in my room. I didn’t know what to say; that that star struck feeling you were talking about. He’s on a totally different kind of level to anyone in the EDM field. He played live for us, and he’s even better live that he is on the recordings. It blew my mind. 





Are EDM and House increasingly diversifying?  


Of course, you’re talking about the principle of change in life. You can see it in music; nothing ever is the same. It’s always adapting and it’s always changing. My tastes are changing also. I can’t wait to see what I’ll be playing and listening to in ten years’ time.


Congratulations on making it into DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs list. Was that something you were aiming for or it just happened? 


Thanks! It was something I was striving for, it was a goal I’ve had for many years. Being a DJ from Australia, you know we have our own polls there, but the DJ Mag Top 100 is where we wanted to get to. So many prestigious names, it’s a huge honour. Also, me being a trumpet player, sometimes people thought I wouldn’t make it, they didn’t take me seriously, so it’s kind of cool. I’m not saying I did it to prove those people wrong, but it’s cool to be in there. DJ Mag is very prestigious and reputable, so it’s definitely very cool to be associated with them, for sure. 





If you could select any Jazz artist and any EDM/House artist to produce a track, which would you choose?


Miles Davis because he’s my favourite of all jazz music, and I’d pick someone like Skrillex because he’s so versatile and talented.  





A message for your fans at MYST?  


I’ll be back! It’s my first time here in Shanghai, and I’ve only been here half an hour and I think I’ve had the best dumplings in my life. Even if I don’t get asked to come back and perform here, I will be back! Just for the dumplings! I love them! I love China, I really do, I think China artists and DJs have a great future ahead of them and it’s great to be a part of that. Tonight we’re going to celebrate!


Thanks and all the best tonight! 


Thank you!


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