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DJ Mag Signs with Night World Media

Apr 27, 2017 3:59:21 PMShanghai


By Roger Brown


Thursday April 20th, 2017 saw the licence signing ceremony take place between the largest music publication in the world, DJ Mag, and their partner in China, Night World Media (NIM) at Noah’s Yacht Club in Pudong, Shanghai. The licensing agreement, reported to be worth five million British pounds, will see NIM at the head of an online and print media campaign spreading DJ Mag across China for the next five years.



Representing DJ Mag were Director Martin Carvell and Publishing Director, James Robertson who took questions from media representatives in the audience. Mr Carvell and Mr Robertson expressed their confidence in having found the right partner to further spread and popularize DJ Mag and grow the electronic music scene in China.



Following the signing ceremony, 1AMJOY.COM had the opportunity for an exclusive interview with DJ Mag’s representatives:


In 2017, from your perspective, coming from the West, how much of an uncharted territory is China, still?




M.C: It’s still a mystery, in terms of the venues, in terms of the cities. I mean, there are cities of two million people we’ve never heard of, so yeah, in this kind of reciprocal agreement it will be good for us to be finding out about the venues and China.


J.R: I think the main thing is that in the past ten years there’s been an explosion of wealth in China and that has trickled down; there’s a growing middle class, and with that growing middle class there’s more income for entertainment. You look around Shanghai and I’m just amazed at the amount of building and people need to be entertained. Music is one of those forms of entertainment.


Five years from now, how do you see the nightlife / DJs scene changing as a result of this new endeavour?



J.R: I think it will change a lot, I believe our Chinese partners will invest heavily in promoting dance music and bringing DJs to China. Also developing home grown DJs as well. It’s about a mix. And I believe this is actually a really good start, or rather a “progression”.


Would you say that now, in 2017, and with this partner, NIM, this is the biggest challenge/ opportunity for DJ Mag?



J.R: It’s a great time to be in China, and I’m really looking forward to the next five years. I think it’ll go very well because people (in China) already know about the Top 100 DJs list, so I think it’s a great opportunity.


M.C: We have an existing audience, now we’ve just got to go to them.


Do you see any other synergies with NIM? As in China coverage for other DJ Mag publications around the world?



M.C: Absolutely, it will open up both ways so that our audience will get a better understanding of what’s happening in China and globally, and vice versa.


Given China’s complexity, will there be something radically different in terms of marketing approach?



J.R: This is the point about having local licence holders because we don’t understand these complexities. The local licence holders, do.  So they can respond in the best way possible to the environment; that’s why we have licence holders, because we wouldn’t know where to start. But with America we thought we could do it on our own…


M.C: We understood the history and the culture in America, but in China we don’t.


Gentlemen, thank you very much!


M.C & J.R: Thank you!

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