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Switched On: Future House at the Gates

May 19, 2016 1:58:38 PMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


As the world always explores new musical opportunities, we must say that not all those who endeavour to actually reach the top of the charts. People like to search and experiment with new genres and artists like to create new sounds and ways of music by continuously pushing music’s evolution and their own capabilities. At different points in time, new trends enter the world of electronic music; the music keeps changing and the crowd demands new music for new sensations. EDM keeps rolling all around the world as the biggest-safest bet for most DJs; most clubs’ priority is to give people what they want to hear and see, but new sounds are getting through and a group of people is always searching for a new current.



DJ Mag asked every Top 100 DJ several questions and of them was clearly talking about the changes that music is experiencing: “Is the future still bright for EDM?” Many DJs said that is going to keep going strong and that it’s very difficult for another genre to surpass it. But most of them talk about incorporating new music in their sets, new House genres that people want to see at their shows. Want to know which genre is getting bigger and bigger? Just a clue, Oliver Heldens is reaching the top with it… Yes, you got it: FUTURE HOUSE, a big bet for upcoming festivals and more and more a “yes” for clubs and major events.

Just a completely newborn genre, it’s a combination of our beloved Deep House and Tech house with a hybrid twist in its DNA from other genres like Big Room, EDM, Electro and the vibrant UK garage. The composition is very different to all others sub-genres of house. Where did it come from? More to the point, who created this fusion style? There are two big names, two creators, the ones whose invention brought this hybrid style to life, the well known French DJ and producer Tchami, and the other one being the one and only Oliver Heldens.



In 2010 a couple new sounds were beginning to pop out inside the world of deep house but nothing completely different. In 2013 Tchami released a track called “Promesses featuring Kaleem Taylor”, where he incorporated this new sound. It was a hit in Europe’s electronic culture and one of the most listened to tracks of the UK. For your information, Tchami termed it “FUTURE” because of the new technology DJs and producers needed to use to create the sounds of the genre. He said it is a bridge between House and Dance Music. Then Oliver Heldens released his song called “Gecko” one year after featuring a different composition but also incorporates the same style as Tchami. Gecko received wider acceptance around the world because it was less “underground”. They referred to this track as “Future House” too, so now is up to you to decide who the first artist was to really bring this genre to the top!



From then on, numerous artists decided to use the same structure and started creating this type of music: Don Diablo, Martin Solveig, Sander van Doorn, Showtek, KSHMR and many others to play gigs in Shanghai recently. Future House tracks are starting to flood into in every club in Shanghai. It’s so versatile that you can mix it with most other genres. Resident DJs and special guests keep bringing these crazy sounds. Do we like it? The answer is a big “YES”!

Check out Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma’s “Space Sheep” and “Waiting” by Oliver Heldens & Throttle.

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