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Switched On: From Techno to Tech House

Jun 2, 2016 8:07:40 PMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


It’s all about the beat, the clean and flowing sounds, the mixing and adding of music layers to keep every part of your mind focused on what’s happening. That’s something that only Techno can do the way it does; one of the first and most important genres in electronic music.


You cannot fully understand most of the other genres without first analyzing this one. It is the starting point of many other different styles and currents. Those who experience a high quality level of Techno music and performance will be trapped in its rhythms forever.



So what does Techno encompass, and how did it emerge? Around the start of the 80’s music began to change and new electronic systems started to appear within different cultures and music styles. Most importantly, synthesizers appeared and their use has been very important ever since. With new stunning sounds and beats created by electronic synthesizers, people decided to mix these sounds with their own musical cultures. It was back then in the United States, in the city of Detroit, where musicians and music producers incorporated synth sounds into their jazz, funk and Afro-American genres. 


This started the need for creating new groups that would use synthetic sounds in their musical compositions to make their music more futuristic. A group called Cybotron established the foundations of Techno with the song “Alleys of your Mind” which is considered the first Techno song ever made. Then other songs like “Clear” finally paved the way for Techno as we know it today.



Mention should be made for the big wave of artists that exist and produce Techno all around the globe. Carl Cox, Sven Väth, Loco Dice, Richie Hawtin, Marco Carola, Paco Osuna… These are some of the many DJs who mix their performances with techno and are considered leaders of the genre.




But as Techno is a very wide genre, one generation after another starts to add different styles and mixed it with other genres like House music. And this is where one of the most listened to subgenres of Techno was born: “Tech House”. In 1980, simultaneously in Germany and the UK, the scene started to experience the same changes by DJs adding synthesizers to their mixes. As most of DJs at the time were playing house, they start listening to the new current coming from the United States. They therefore incorporated techno structure to their house style. And there you go! Welcome one of the most important hybrid genres all over the world, Tech House. It all started in Ibiza; the Spanish island considered one of the best electronic music places in the world, where European DJs were exposed to the American styles of Detroit and Chicago. 



It’s been more than 30 years since it’s been expanding and growing all over the world. This is all highly relevant to Shanghai. Shanghai hosts this amazing genre all over the city. There are clubs such as Lola, The Shelter, Celia, or Elevator where you can listen to the incredible rhythm of Tech House from amazing DJs that come every month to show Shanghai party goers what it’s all about.



Be prepared for an amazing trip into outer space accompanied by the sounds of Tech House on June 18th with 1AMJOY’s official LAUNCH Party @ Lola Club.

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