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Gig Review: MOTi@MYST 03.06.2016

Jun 8, 2016 5:13:54 PMShanghai



By Carlos Guzmán


Photos courtesy of MYST


“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” and this past Friday at MYST was for sure a shot I was glad to take because MOTi and DJ Tank had some of the best electro house music prepared for an amazing night in one of the top clubs in the world.



Since the early beginning of the night, MYST got crowded with people from all around the world and DJ Tank was in charge of making everyone dance to crazy Shanghai nightlife beats; as usual DJ Tank’s performance was great mixing some of the latest tracks in electronic music and doing some good changes in the songs’ BPM so that the crowd would prepare for the main event. But the vibes were so good that they couldn’t wait for MOTi, the whole dancefloor was joined together in a blast of energy jumping and singing, already warmed up for the headliner.



MOTi has made for himself quite a big name contributing with some of the best producers and DJs in the world, and that night he entered as one of the greatest! Colours lit up the whole of MYST and the crowd couldn’t be more excited, finally Moti was on the stage. There are times you can see how a DJ enjoys their set as it melts with the crowd’s excitement and I definitely saw MOTi having a great time in the booth with a big smile as he responded to the crowd.




We got to hear the very best of MOTi from his original mixes like “Lion” and “House of now” to some of his work with Martin Garrix with “Virus” and even some remixes of Galantis, Deorro and Avicii as the fog cannons, dancers and lights joined the show. MOTi’s mixing style for the night showed his experience and his talent to adapt to a crazy crowd that was partying like there was no tomorrow, and when you are in one of Shanghai’s top clubs with a top DJ there are no excuses not to jump, dance, shout and enjoy each beat of the night ‘cause every move you didn’t take is a missed opportunity to enjoy life.

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