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Club Review: MODU 10.06.2016

Jun 15, 2016 5:21:36 PMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


Archive photos by Viktor Grabovets


Last Friday we were looking for a place to give us the opportunity to listen to fast beats and incredible EDM tracks; so we chose MODU to achieve that goal.

We were there around 11pm and the party was already on. Not very crowded but enough to rock with a lot of people. A centre stage where the DJ puts his skills to the test and a circle-shaped club for everyone to see what’s happening from every different angle. Roses on the tables and dancers appearing and disappearing all around.



The first DJ was a guest called EVIE. Playing EDM songs mixed with some Progressive and Electro House tracks was taking the party to the next level. There is no way to hide it, he has some skills, and all tracks were well mixed and flowing correctly from his turntables. Lights escorted the beats and at the same time the small centre stage moved around in circles for everyone to have visual access. It was an excellent 2 hour- set of magical EDM to prepare the entrance for the next DJ.



The stage goes down and the other DJ gets into the game. The music kept going and the resident DJ took control of the mixer and started to play. EDM continued with more leading and big room sounds. Stronger beats accompanied the big electronic arms that shot lights everywhere from centre stage. But at that moment the music began to go faster and faster. The EDM turned into Dubstep and Dubstep into Hip-Hop. What rhythm changes! Jason Derulo’s “Wiggle” feat. Snoop Dogg changed fast to Knife Party “Plur Police” but with a spin of beats. Even the Darth Vader theme from Star Wars made its way into the DJs set to finish off with a big room EDM track.



The moving stage, the lights show, the people dancing the fast paced EDM tracks and the rhythm changes made the night very enjoyable. Nice night with good vibes!

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