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Gig Review: Thomas Gold @ Fusion 2016.06.17

Jun 22, 2016 4:42:57 PMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


This Friday we got the incredible opportunity of assisting to a great party hosted by the international DJ Thomas Gold. Bringing his new and amazing “On Fire” tour to Shanghai with tons of remixes and tracks of his own.



As you know this Berlin-based DJ and producer has been playing incredible Trance music all over the world, but in the last years he changed his style to Progressive and Tech House. He made it into DJ MAG’s Top 100 list in 2012 and has already worked with the most important record labels in electronic music such as Spinnin’ Records, Armada Music, Size Records, and Protocol Recordings. So let’s get into what he did for us at Fusion.



The club was crowded from the start, with people holding drinks and dancing. The music was already loud so the beat made you move even if that wasn’t your intention. The warm up was delivered by the different resident DJs with a final set coming from the hands of DJ Eddie. The turntables were already hot and prepared for the entrance when MC Prince Oli started to address the crowd. Everyone’s mood was good and ready for Thomas.



Thomas entered the stage with his main vocals of this unique “ON FIRE” tour, combined with the visuals made everyone stop dancing and just stand up and watch the show. You could hear the “I’m on fire” between screams and shouts. The track’s build up was mixed with one of the most listened-to tracks in his repertoire: “Morphine”. The song was not even finished when he linked it to another one. He made a very aggressive entrance but at the same time it was very melodic so you kept listening all the time waiting for each beat to change.



All the lights were off except one, the one pointing at him. Why? Because the visuals and the music were not the only part of the show! His own performance was worth seeing. Most of the time he decided to play his own mixes and remixes combined with EDM and Big Room tracks delighting the crowd’s ears.



He kept playing amazing tracks from all kinds of different genres, not only EDM or Progressive, including a couple of Trance songs, some Electro House, and all types of vocals. A really addictive mix; this is how you run a party, with an incredible set that makes people look forward the next show!


Nice job Thomas, we were happy to see your performance!

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