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Switched On: Deep House

Jun 27, 2016 1:21:29 PMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


For the past ten years, probably one of the favourite and most popular genres of electronic music around the world is Deep House. Amazing, sweet beats with slow, melodic tunes that make your body and mind enjoy, chill to or want to dance to.



Deep House is on the playlist of most people who listen to electronic music. During the last years, Deep House is the driving force behind new genres that are gaining strength around the world like Tropical Deep House and Future House



In the previous Switched On article we talked about Tech House which is one of the most important genres at the moment, but we can’t forget that that electronic music is so broad that there is a moment for each of its offerings, and make no mistake, Deep House is a need! That’s why since 2010 this sub-genre of House music has become so popular and is still at the top.



More and more artists are focusing on Deep House as a means of listening to new and incredible songs and fusing them with other genres like Funky House, EDM and Garage. Deep House is well known for having a complex melody because of the chords used, and with the often added incredible soul sounds mixed with atmospheric vocals, you get that distinct Deep House feeling. Vocals are very important for this sub-genre of House music. The combination of all these layers of sounds creates a music that never gets too high or too low, achieving comfortable and relaxing sounds.



As with most House sub- genres, it kicked off in 1980’s Chicago when artists started combining different genres with electronic sounds and effects to finally transform it into what is known today as House Music. Such sounds originated from Jazz, Funk or Soul music. Most of the tracks lasted between 5 to 10 minutes and never have big like EDM. Track speed is slower than other electronic music genres making it completely different by allowing you to listen to every sound carefully and notice every change perfectly.



There are many artists that are important inside this amazing genre, but record labels are gaining importance as they always do when an electronic genre gains popularity. Labels such as Spinnin has his own division SPINNIN’DEEP, or others that I\m a big fan of as they dedicate their music to Deep House alone, these are: Defected, Suara, Mother Recordings or Milk & Sugar. On the other hand we have incredible DJs, artists and producers like Joris Voorn, Mat.Joe, Nora en Pure, Betoko, or the great Solomun.



Beatport recently reported that Deep House music is one of the most sold genres on their platform. If you check what’s happening all around the world you can understand why. In Europe it’s one of the top genres getting bigger, its greatest following being in the Netherlands, England and the island of Ibiza. The same applied to the US, this genre is at the top but other countries like Brazil are opening new paths with Deep House offshoots like Bass House with the artist Alok at the forefront (we were fortunate to see his performance here in Shanghai and made an article about his show). Now Deep House is getting stronger in Shanghai, with increasingly more clubs embracing and promoting this incredible genre.



You have to check out songs as “Solarium from Betoko”, “Freak Like Me Sonny Fodera Remix from DJ Deeon and Lee Walker” or “Perception from Audiojack”. It’s worth mentioning that 1AMJOY’s Launch Party was a Deep Tech blast we are getting many requests to repeat!

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