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Club Night @ Le Baron Sat 2016.06.25

Jun 29, 2016 2:55:20 PMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


Getting ready to move towards a different level of mixing and music altogether, we decided to review the last Saturday’s party at one of the most distinguished venues in Shanghai, Le Baron. The kind of party where you don’t get to decide what you’re going to hear or what kind of crowd you’ll be sharing the dancefloor with. Each time at Le Baron is not what you imagine it to be; not for the worst, but for the better.

With its sensual lighting and curved walls, all eyes look at you as you enter the club to start the night. Everywhere you looked, people in a perfect mood, sharing the unique club environment and sounds of extravagant music flowing through the speakers. Nice and amazing hip hop mixed with old but classics tracks like “I want you back- The Jackson 5”, which made you want to dance nonstop as you felt those good vibes. But we were waiting for DJ Wordy, we wanted to see this exceptional artist mixing with vinyl and generating world class changes with the tracks.

So classy and at the same time so underground, you can see people with big pendants across their chests and others in suits; girls all dressed up and others wearing long shirts. All sharing an appreciation for this flawless Hip Hop, R&B, Electro pop, and Rock n’ Roll music. This common appreciation could be felt throughout the night, almost reminding us all that there are no differences between people, just the feeling of sharing enjoyment.

DJ Wordy starts mixing! And as an octopus he moves the vinyls, mixes them fast, speaks through the mic and adds effects to the tracks at a really amazing and rapid way. Dr Dre, Rihanna or Jay-Z were part of the set; Calvin Harris and Major Lazer appeared also with tracks like “Lean On” and “How Deep is Your Love”. Slow tracks to hit every one’s ears with bass and fat tracks to make you dance all out. He kept motivating the crowd with the microphone and by making unique scratch sounds with the vinyls to accompany the mix. Great level of skill and focus on the turntables.

The music was perfect and Le Baron’s guests savoured the night; you know that when you feel the party ended too fast that it was a really good one.

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