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Mar 7, 2016 9:09:21 PMShanghai

Carl Cox / Your Light Shines On / Intec



Carl Cox celebrates his 100th release with this piece of pure Intec techno “Your light shines on”, a real solid track from the start with an unrelenting beat, followed by a huge but breezy break, pushing it through with a classic Intec pad while getting the explosion with bass and melodic steel drums which take you away to some exotic place. A bomb for dancefloor runners and melodic-loving audiences …  


Guy Mantzur / Trees of Eden / Diynamic



Guy is one of the most relevant producers in progressive house music today who’s enjoying a massive success due to his latest releases. His new track “Trees of Eden” has a spiritual combination of tribal vocals, rhythms & percussions, bass lines melodies, and some elements that you can recognize from his latest hit Epika. Sunrise will have a different meaning for you from now on after listening to Trees of Eden.


Honor / Hot Since 82 Remix / Next 3



Well respected artist Hot Since 82 payed us a visit last February (Fusion) and gave us a preview of his new tech - house remix, a real weapon for this summer; solid kicks and easy vocals encourage a positive message in your head, whilst the bass invites you to dance; A perfect dance & club filler combination.


Matthias Tanzmann & Daniel Stefanik / Swamp / Moon Harbour



Head honcho of Moon harbour did it again, this time along with Daniel Stefanik; Swamp is considered one of the top underground producers from house to techno. The groove only stops for a moment where it’s supported by a cool shout and continues again with the addition of crazy Tanzmann style percussions. This piece doesn’t need to rely on any melodies to work; tech house in bed with soft techno.


Miss Melera / Mint / Chapter 24 Records



She’s the queen of deep house epic sets. Miss Melera is not really a prolific producer, but instead, when she does release a track, it tends to be a timeless one. Her most recent release is called Mint; a deep, bubbly house track that takes you into a dark night with no end in sight.


Rodriguez Jr / Mistral / Stephan Bodzin Remix



The original “Mistral” version was played by a wide array of artists, from Kevin Yost to Marc Romboy, the range of different producers playing it in their set define the track’s real meaning. This time around, the remixer is no other than producer of the year, “the man himself”, Stephan Bodzin. His take on Mistral is an intimate and respectful version of the melodies, but as it builds up you start entering Bodzin’s land, never to leave again. This track is truly a new treasure for deep tech lovers.


Finnebassen / Rotundo / NM2



It’s finally out. Definitely one of the most expected tracks in the past few months, Rotundo embodies in its very name the essence of Finebassen’s new approach to his production and music style. We can only pray he keeps walking this path; it’s going to be very exciting. The track has a techy environment to it, with nostalgic bells, futuristic synths and evolving pads. Will work great in the afterhours for a change, since mostly all of his stuff used to fall into the early hours category.


Paul C & Paolo Martini / Woom / Hot Creations



The hottest producers of synth house music work up a cunning groove, metallic percussion and strong synths that build up towards an epic break. Not to be underestimated, this track has true potential to make you dance.

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