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Gig Review: Fatboy Slim@MYST 2016.07.14

Jul 20, 2016 12:12:09 AMShanghai


By Daniel Molina


Photos: MYST Club Shanghai


If we’re talking about Rock, the great Elvis comes to mind as King, if we’re talking about Pop, Madonna is the Queen. But let’s make it spin, let’s talk about electronic music, lest take a big breath and call for the Big Beat genre, let’s talk about Fatboy Slim.


It doesn’t matter where he goes, if the event is near and you have the opportunity to see him on stage you can’t miss that chance. That’s what everyone was thinking this weekend when they went to MYST: the wanted to see Norman Quentin Cook on the decks.



First a big mouth of EDM and Progressive to warm up the already heated atmosphere. “Crowded” is the perfect word to describe the dance floor. Not even a single space left because what was coming soon was better than anything else. Flashes, lights and audio ready to rumble for Fatboy Slim’s entry. Leading up to that moment, the resident DJ’s mix was perfectly accurate in making people patient and slowly drop the rhythm to make our ears rest for a few minutes until Cook’s appearance.


Lights Out and you could only hear the scream of every single soul stepping in front of the stage, waiting for the gigantic Smiley Face our guest was to display. Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, we proudly present the smiles collector, happiness pursuer, the one who has been rocking shows all over the world for years: Fatboy Slim is on stage wearing his Hawaiian shirt as his own signature uniform he uses in every gig. The screen is ON and the turntables spinning! Enormous yellow happy faces on the screen and there you go old Camille Yarbrough singing praise you to rapidly connect to “Eat Sleep Rave Repeat (Calvin Harris Remix)” with an amazing combination of visuals of the original video and a face singing that turned the club upside down.



With everyone jumping Cook was in his element, pointing to everyone and making himself part of the crowd. At the same time, a great image of himself appeared on the screen with a flamethrower spitting fire! That was the perfect representation of what was happening, he was firing the place with outstanding music!


He decided to participate increasingly more in his own show, and what better way than becoming one with all people around him. Fatboy Slim walked to the dancing stage and from there made everyone go down to the floor and little by little go up again with the rhythms until the beat dropped with an enormous jump!



For the opening his songs comprised the main set but then he changed everything to a mix of incredible melodic and pushy House, with some little nuances of electro and some Acid flashes that vibrated all over the club.


Incredible flow and set combined with music and visuals, every time there was a voice there was a video, no matter when there was a melodic pumping breaking beat there was an image or a shot on the screen to accompany it. All eyes open from the second he appeared on stage to the last moment.



The whole show went perfectly and there are so many things that happened that we will need numerous articles to cover this amazing DJ. He displayed a one of a kind Video-Music set and an unique intro that for 30 minutes pumped into everyone heads and made us all dance. He played House, Electro, Big Beat, Soul, Acid and even Samba! What else can you ask for a night! Feel proud if you were there because you can say that you saw the almighty DJ and producer FATBOY SLIM!

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